Why Traditional Hiring is killing startups?



It all begins with an idea. When that idea starts shaping up into a product or service, there comes the need to #HireTheRightPeople for the development of the product/service. Founders make sure that they recruit the best people but it can be called a hit & trial method at best. As work increases, an HR is on-boarded to on-board the right people for you. And from here on, initiates a period of slow development.

Your HR may:

1. Not himself be a work and culture fit – He may not understand and live your vision as you do.

Especially for a startup, the HR is the most important person to be in sync with you, your vision and your culture.

2. Still be practicing traditional HR – Traditional recruiting is a no-go for startups. This traditional HR is a slow death in disguise. Startups need innovators in every space. HR is no different.

Traditional HR is the beginning of the end for startups.

Traditional hiring is not optimal, both in terms of time and cost- the two things startups cannot afford to waste. It is a hit & trial method which may sometime result in the candidate being a work misfit, a culture misfit or both.

Traditional hiring is way too qualified in nature- more probabilistic and less deterministic in its strategies.

Founders need to grasp the fact that it is not just their idea that is unique. The startup is a culmination of a unique idea, unique people and unique ways of doing things. Every process should be optimal, efficient, and should file away the probabilities of failure. Startups must start incorporating Learning, Automation and Data in every process- technical and non-technical.

New way of starting a startup.

The chain goes like this: idea to implementation to people. But how does one stand out when there are millions of similar chains banging and ringing together in a narrow space for a long time now? How does one race ahead of the others? – You interchange the links making up the chain.

The new chain: idea to people to implementation.

The underlying idea is:

1. Increment the foundation layers: The foundation layers should include a solid team along with the foundations of the idea- Founders, a product manager, a marketing manager and a hiring manager or in case of startups, #NotAnHR. The mindset of doing everything after the idea solidifies, leads to mediocrity. Have a great vision, build the right founding team and then implement the idea.

2. Optimality and efficiency: Optimality and efficiency should be ingrained in every process from the beginning itself. No process should be too probabilistic in nature. Hence, the need for data-driven marketing and data-driven hiring. Transform the qualified to the quantified.

In this day and age of Data, finding new ways to use it efficiently is the key. Now, when people are building their products on data, one should lay the foundations itself on data and be a step ahead of everyone else.

Being a Data Science company, Busigence realized this fact. We are building our product with the right people and the right type of implementation by investing our trust in Data.

A Talent Scientist

If #NotAnHR, then who? A Talent Scientist- one who will build and polish the link connecting idea and implementation in the new chain with Data, Technology and Psychology. To know how, read my previous post on ‘What Startups need for Hiring?-#NotAnHR’.

If you are a Talent Scientist or want to be a Talent Scientist, then APPLY here

Busigence is a Decision Intelligence Company. We build data products using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking. We are re-defining Data Science. Re-define it with us.


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