Take risk to work on machines rather work for machines

 Big dead fishes found in the ocean. New fishes to take over.

In the next decade, over half the Fortune 500 will no longer exist.
Statistics from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Most of the largest companies in the world will be replaced in the next decade. What can save them are reinventions and innovations, possible with the implementation of endless technology advancements, and that’s quite a doable activity then why they are not able to do it? We guess ‘mindset’ is the answer, mindset of flexibility, a constant change. The fact is, constant change is the new normal. This is not so normal for a typical big traditional company.

We live in the age of startups, they are the source of business dynamism with dynamic technologies while “big” companies are bureaucratic, entrenched, obsolete.

Rapid technological change is the greatest threat facing big business from far more innovative and dynamic startups.

“Disruption” may be the most used word in the business vocabulary these days. It is certainly the 2017’s favorate for business-book titles but how this disruption occur.

See the inside out from perspective of a technology startup

Let’s start with future, AI. Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a system that think like humans (cognitive architectures and neural networks), that can act like humans (pass the Turing test via natural language processing; knowledge representation, automated reasoning, and learning), that can think rationally (logic solvers, inference, and optimization); that can act rationally (intelligent software agents and embodied robots that achieve goals via perception, planning, reasoning, learning, communicating, decision-making, and acting).

To create such systems, technologies like machine learning to analyze past, present and future states are implemented. What else required is the human interpretation of the event and/or the scenario to teach machines?

People with outstanding understanding of intersection of business and technology helps to design such systems.

The real meaning of disruption is to create systems which substantially adds real value to the ecosystem. Here machine learning takes the leap over traditional analytics. Such intelligent systems can’t be created based on rule based programming. Take an example of risk level of customers churn. Analytics is all about getting a simple formulation of a frontier in a classification model problem using, say, classic regression. It will give a non linear boundary which to some extent separates risky people from non-risky people, but machine learning can generate contours which capture all patterns beyond any boundaries of linearity or even continuity of the boundaries. This is what Machine Learning can do for you.

It’s all about how far you go to solve the existing problem. We, at Busigence, aspire to solve most complex problems with data. We create decision intelligence products which help in augmenting decision abilities. These are data products based on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Design Thinking concepts.

Being an established AI startup, we work on real complex problems. We have products that are designed to solve many wicked business problems through data and technology. We are a customer centric company. We serve our customers using their own information/data. We target big firms with loads of data and business pains with them and help them out through our state of art data products. These firms trust on our capabilities, vision and passion to serve them on their needs. With such a scenario, relying on big technology enterprises push them into risk.

We search for people who can take risk to work on machines rather work for machines.

We look for people having ‘Startup Mindset’ of not just solving problems, rather hacking solutions for them. We provide them a platform to expand their horizon in different directions, being it technology or business. Like advancement in technologies, company encourages its people to take business strategies to a different level using AI and other disruptive technologies. Read this Howard report on “How Artificial Intelligence will redefine management” and find what it needs to be an intelligent manager by adopting the world of smart machines.

World is getting changed day by day. Like said before, constant change is the new normal. We should be in the environment, which can support and encourage those changes, environment that not only teaches us to go easy with innovations and reinventions rather participate in the same. Let learning not to stop ever, for you and us, it’s just a start.

Does the above makes sense to you? Explore what it takes to become part of revolution. Visit http://careers.busigence.com to find out how you can enter our innovative and crazy world.


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