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About Us

We are a Decision Intelligence Company

We create decision intelligence products for real people by combining data, technology, business, and behaviour enabling strengthened decisions.

We begin with consequence, and weave data churning (any size, any shape, any speed), analytics, business acumen, behavioural aspects, and design thinking
together into a comprehensive, visual, simulation-based framework in which decisions are made intelligently, which help organizations to institute data driven decision making process to enhance returns on investment.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make the world decision intelligent
We envision to have worked on atleast 1% of worlds data by 2020

Data Engineer
Data Scientist

Decision Designer
Decision Analyst


We offer wisdom, not just knowledge

Big Data

Driving business leveraging potential of Big Data handling volume, velocity, variety, and veracity in data assets. Data Wrangling, Data Streaming, Data Crawling, Smart Search, Data Lake, Analytics


Actionable insights and Real foresights to make informed and timely business decisions - Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive. Regression, Clustering, Classification, Optimization

Machine Learning

Use of algorithms that iteratively learn from data to automate analytical model building finding hidden insights. Recommendation, Content Filtering, Decision Tree, Neural Networks, Social Media


Both an art and a science - used to communicate data or information by encoding it as visual objects. Analysis, Story Telling, Insights, Infographics

Natural Language

NLP is ability of a computer to understand what a human is saying to it. POS Tagging, Named Entity Extraction, Deep Learning, Parsing, Topic Modeling, Sentiment Analyais

Internet of Things

Analyze data generated by connected devices such as phones, vehicles, appliances, and humans. Log Analytics, Smart Cities, Cyber Security, Data Streaming


We live data

Pranav Verma

Founder & CEO

Pranav, an alumnus of IIT Guwahati carries decade long experience helping large organizations take better business decisions. Have engaged and consulted billion dollar clients on niche technologies involving data integration, enterprise reporting, advanced analytics, machine learning, and big data.

Prashant Verma

Co-Founder & COO

Prashant, an alumnus of NSIT Delhi brings refreshing flavor to the organization by strategizing competencies on latest trends & technologies and getting value delivered to the customers. He has worked on enterprise reporting, data analysis, and big data.


We make data sing

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Where we spot


Actionable insights for in-and-out of retailer's business. Customer Experience, Store Operations, Merchandising, Market Basket, Supplier, Inventory, e-Commerce


ROI on marketer's data and process involved. Product, Pricing, Promotion, Customers, Branding, Performance, Behaviour, Management


Deserved recognition

Tech30 Company of the Year 2014″ by TechSparks, YourStory (Watch : )
20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solutions providers 2014″ by CIO Review
Best Startup to Work for Big Data & Analytics 2015” by Silicon India
Top 20 Hottest Tech Startups of 2014″ by The Techy, Exhibit
Startup of the Year 2014″ by Silicon India
and few more….


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India Center
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