Approach & Methodology

An “i” to an “I”

  • Information

  • Insight

  • Impact

  • Innovation

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Scientist

  • Decision Analyst

  • Decision Designer

  • Technology

    • ● ● ●
  • Mathematics

    • ● ● ●
  • Business

    • ● ● ●
  • Behaviour

    • ● ● ●
  • Model

Any problem, may be it is for product, solution, or services, belongs to an i.This helps in mapping resource, technology, and expectations.Busigence follows an exclusive
“4i approach” which helps customers to realize the true potential of their valuable data. The first “i” symbolizes “Information”. The company can process data in any
form, from anywhere, using data engineering and make it presentable. Once data is processed, the second “i” comes into picture and introduces mathematics
& technology to it to extract meaningful “Insights”. These insights may need interdisciplinary inclusion along with behavioral sciences by familiarizing
them to domains & processes resulting in “Impact”, the third “i”. Finally, the fourth “i” represents adding of design thinking and leveraging
organizational overhaul to cause “Innovation”.