Re-evaluate your career paths in the age of AI

Research says that AI will automate most of the functions of a Data Scientist by 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

The explosion of Big Data led to the hottest job of the past five years – Data Scientist. Now experts are speculating 2017 to be the year of Artificial Intelligence.

  • What does it say about the future of jobs?
    Is it that only the best will lord over AI and others will ride a never-ending wave of unemployment?
  • Will the highest compensation holders also fall in the latter? Is ‘automation’ going to take over jobs at every level – advanced, intermediate and beginner?
  • The striking question now for every working individual is:

What should be my career path from 2017?

What exactly is the problem?
The advent of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence means becoming an empty glass all over again. It is a concept religiously followed by Busigence to build the best teams. The phrase ‘empty glass’ means beginning from scratch (again). Let us try to understand it with a percentage model.

There are three types of individuals at present:
1. One who is half-filled. He does not grasp the gravity of ‘evolving with time’ and change as he learns. They are the ones still oblivious to automation and AI.
2. Completely-filled. He is an expert because he grasps the gravity of evolving technologies and is evolving with them. They are pioneering the evolution of AI.
3. Empty glass. He grasps the gravity of incoming changes and never stops learning. He will mould himself according to the changes. They will benefit the most from the AI explosion.

How to tackle it?
The question now changes to – ‘Where do you fall to?’ The answer to this question is your answer to the question – ‘Will AI replace my job?’
The right approach to building a career path amidst this explosion of AI is a three-step process:
1. Research (& Learning): Identify individuals and organizations doing deep work in the field of Deep Learning, Data Science, Big data and Artificial Intelligence. Join them (immediately!). Learn from & with them. Build research mindset and pave your way to pioneering AI evolution.
2. Implementation: Implement your research & learnings at practical, industry levels. Be a part of products and services at the helm of this modern big bang. Make it a mission to put a dent in the universe. Because, gone are the days of mediocrity (it sucks in this age). Everyone is trying to reach the zenith of AI.
3. Evaluation: After step 1 and step 2, you may believe they are now part of the change. However, AI evolution is an infinite process in a phase of constant evolution. To keep yourself in the same phase, you will have to run parallel to it, which requires constant evaluation, which will take you back to step one.
It is your choice – will you be a slave to or a LORD of Artificial Intelligence. Will you remain Data Scientists or will become Data Science Engineers?
If you fall in the latter, if you are an empty glass or completely filled glass, then join us in our research and production of next-generation of Artificial Intelligence product – Robonate. Reach out to us –

P.S. It is not at all a bot or something. It is pure AI. It is THE thing.
Busigence is a Decision Intelligence Company. We build data products using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking concepts.


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