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Startup as a whole is based on the idea of right people working for an amazing idea. You have the amazing idea. You have the funding to execute it. But where do you get the right people from? You hire an HR and you trust that person to bring the right people on-board for you. But does that guarantee that your product/application/service or whatever amazing idea that you have, receives care from the right people?

HR is not an activity most start-ups glean to invest much of their time in. When in fact,

Start-ups should invest 75% of their time in hiring the right people.

What startups need? – #NotAnHR

But start-ups are like the movie ‘300’. The founding team is busy tackling 300,000 other obstacles, it doesn’t give a thought to expanding their arsenal of human resources the right way. The problem culminates into one fact: Startups do not have the right person to hire the right way. What startups need to do is to hire a Human Resource Manager who is #NotAnHR.

A wrong hire is a nuclear bomb for a startup organization.

Tech startups are more prone to damage from wrong hiring. A wrong hire can disturb your time-line, stretch your resources, and bring down productivity of the company as a whole. If he performs great in the interviews but his post on-boarding performance is negative, then it is a result of no cultural sync. How can startups ensure that the candidate is a work and culture fit? How can they get a ‘360-degree view analysis’ of the candidate? It is such a cumbersome yet important job that it cannot be handed out to just anyone. This is the job of #NotAnHR.

What is #NotAnHR?

The #NotAnHR will not only prevent these problems but will also optimize the complete cycle of hiring and management. He is a person with entrepreneur mindset and tech brain. He is an innovator. He will carry out optimization through Human learning, Data-driven hiring and Automated People management. These are some heavy terms but define the attributes of the right model of hiring that startups should follow.

Busigence recognized this need of #NotAnHR and the risk of hiring the wrong person to hire the right people for us. Our core belief is data drives everything in this age. As a Data Science company, we realized that we have to make our vertical processes such as marketing and hiring into data-driven processes as well.

There is a need to quantify and optimise these qualified processes.

Our ideal #NotAnHR will

1. Learn from his own experiences and automate the process based on it. He will practice Human Learning in the same way a computer practices machine learning.

2. Make the process data-driven and optimize the time and cost of hiring.

3. Practice automated people management- make the process automated ultimately, from his own research, data and learning.

The #NotAnHR Model

This need for #NotAnHR has resulted in a unique job description and hiring model. He will build an over-all data-driven, automated model which is scalable in real-time and has a touch of human algorithm by him. This model has three main modules:

1. Research and Analysis: This includes research and in-depth analysis of the job profile, current trends and talent sources optimized through the use of automated models and frameworks to build the right approach.

2. Psycho-analysis and Evaluation model: This involves practice of human learning to build models to recognize repeated behavior patterns at every stage of evaluation.

The Evaluation model will be divided into two parts:

· Technical: Built on the framework of research and analysis models.

· Non-technical: Built using the models for Psycho-analysis.

3. Training and Management:

· The training model will be based on a knowledge graph model which makes the flow of knowledge and providing the right approach smoother and easier.

· Management will be executed properly using the psycho-analysis model ensuring work and cultural fit of the new recruits.

This #NotAnHR is akin to a Product Developer. He develops the company by bringing the right people and ensures fast-paced growth by bringing the right people faster by optimising and automating every sub-segment of this process, that he can. He is one of the most important entity for a start-up.

He is #NotAnHR. He is a Talent Scientist.

Start searching for him lest you realize this late and regret. We have begun already.

If you think you are a Talent Scientist or want to be a Talent Scientist, then APPLY here.

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