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If you could describe your company culture in five words, what would those be? Or rather can you manage to describe it in five words?

Often, when we think about company culture, we think about fun team activities, fun after work, fun during work, freedom at workspace, freeness at workspace. But is that all? In fact, this is just a small part of this very important but underdog term.

Company culture in actuality, is defined by its people. Culture is the collective personality of an organization. It is a collective of the beliefs of the people working together to make something unique. A start-up is a prime example of a company culture being a consequence of the like-minded and ambitious people working together towards the same goal with the same beliefs.

The culture at Busigence is also a consequence of the collective beliefs of the founding team. But for us, it also defines every individual of our team. We do not shape people according to our culture, but shape the culture by forming a team of same collective beliefs at every stage of our growth. In simple words, our culture are our own values and something that we never compromise on. One could be an expert at work but not share the same beliefs as us; such a person is not our worthwhile. But someone who is just a novice but is just like us will find a safe haven here. At Busigence, we understand that skills can be gained but competencies are natural instincts that an individual inculcates. Skills define specific learned activities and they range widely in terms of complexity. But they do not perpetuate efficiency and the level of success an individual can gain in his work. That is defined by how competent he is.

Open, fearless, curious, energetic, motivated, honest, an executor/implementer, go-getter and most importantly, believes in the work he is doing and adapts our goals and vision as if his own are some of the characteristics of the person who can be a part of our culture. His individual self contributes to a complete work environment propagating innovation, growth and development. If a team is not open to new ideas or discussions, it becomes difficult to invite new ideas in that team. We attribute our teams as boxes of innovation or think tanks. We encourage structured thinking as it encourages creativity. We provide freedom of expression of personality, you just have to express it and inspire others as well.

Fearlessness is an important part of the individual working at Busigence because it makes everything limitless. If one is scared to try out new things and experiment and fears risk, he will never be a success is his work which leads to mediocrity. At Busigence, you set out to become a giant in your field. You cannot be scared of the already existing giants. Our culture supports you as you move forward taking the company with you.

We believe in work-life integration, not just work-life balance. At Busigence, the culture makes an individual love his work with an intensity that effects every area of his life. Your satisfaction and happiness is reflected in your personal life. Every moment is an innovation because of the transparency between different teams which leads to new perspective and new ideas. If one is not passionate about the work, he cannot survive here because everyone around is always brimming with passion and motivation.

Albert Einstein said, “I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” Curiosity leads to research which makes up our roots. To have that craving to learn and explore every moment, are the characteristics of teams we build at Busigence. All you have to do is ‘explore yourself and be awesome’. Join a world where there is space for you to challenge yourself, beat your own endurance, along with supporting the outer world you dwell in.

If the culture is toxic, good ideas can’t bubble up. Good people won’t stay. But mediocre and fearful people will stick around forever. It’s real but way too often we pretend that we don’t see it. That’s the elephant in the room — the issue that doesn’t get discussed.

For us, our culture is the energy field of our organization. It is what drives us every day. It helps us move forward as team and accelerate towards growth together and at the same time making it a fun and crazy ride.

We are always on the look-out for passionate individuals like us. Visit http://careers.busigence.com to find out how you can enter our innovative and crazy world.
Busigence is a Decision Intelligence Company. We build Data products using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking concepts. We are re-defining Data Science. Re-define it with us.


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