why do we exist?

We are here to make every data sing, melodiously sing

We incepted with a simple thought ‘information is not knowledge’. With data and technology, we intend to solve world's toughest problems.

why we are here


We are a culture of restless & curious, big thinking & great doing, creative & smart, looking to make a small (may be large!) dent in universe

Pure play startup culture. Some of the most passionate people you'll ever work with. At Busigence, we strongly believe one should do what he is made for. Round the clock, we delineate to bring best human out of our resources. You shall work with people who bring a lot more to the table that just put on the resume.

There's always something truly exciting happening at Busigence. Fun contests, Themed events, Reboot Your Minds exercises, Indoor & outdoor sports, you name it! Some of our all-time favourites include barbeque nights, family picnics, talent shows, foosball, ethnic wear days, and cultural functions. Never ever a dull moment here!


Whoa! Incentives not only for verticals but also for horizontals* (you won't find this superscript * anywhere)

We respect & love our employees’ freedom & flexibility at work. We have break away area, recreation room, power nap beds, employee knowledge base, mandatory weekly team fun, free snacks & beverages, casual dress code, employee referral program etc.

what you get?

Which you would always have wished for probably in your crazy dreams

Profile - Work that matters most to you (& your family)
Perks - Above industry (so called) standards
Place - Best possible workplace you would have ever imagined



World has recognized next big (rather Great) Company

Few of the recognition we got:
• Startup of the Year, Silicon India
• 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers, CIO Review
• Top 30 Technology Startups in India, TechSparks, Your Story
• 25 Most Promising Business Consultants, Consultants Review


We are (truly) global. Really!

We have global footprints having office(s) in Bangalore, Chicago, Jaipur, and Singapore. We serve customers from varied geographical presence which gives a global exposure to our consultants.


We are different. Come to Busigence to do your Greatest work of life

People do their greatest work when they are inspired. That’s why we’ve taken utmost care to design beautiful work environments and provide most challenging problems that motivate and energize our amazing people.



We live our core values every moment at work (and even when not at work)

Respect for Data
Customer Delight
Passion for Work
Ability to Lead
Meaningful Innovation


Opportunity of Lifetime. You need to be a leader and an innovator. That's all

We don't rely on sloppy bell curves, or performance ratings or tags! You have impact, you get rewarded. Simple. Isn't?

Growth at Busigence is driven by performance, not by tenure. We don't quantity results, we qualify them. We don't believe in queues, if you are an outstanding guy, grab and it's yours. We believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performers.



We believe if you are not happy in your personal life, you can't be happy at your profession

We don't have leave concept rather we have absence policy. You are free to work whatever schedule suits you. In time and Out time are not monitored, however, you must be available for meeting as in when required.

No dress code! We see you, not your apparel.

Enough vacations (& leisure time) for you (& your family).


A career accelerator. Humongous learning. Tell us your appetite- We have lots stuff for you to eat (provided you can digest well)

We don't believe in training programs rather we have learning (by doing) drives. Immense learning with small, multi-functional, tightly-knit teams of smart folks.



We have many Busigence inside Busigence. We look for Intrapreneurs (not employees)

We create, Someone preserve, Time destroys. We again create newer, better, bigger. Wanna part of this?

customer: King or God?

Both. Customer >>> Company >> Oneself

Don't cheat customer for company and Don't cheat company for oneself. Our customers don't come to us with their traditional problems. They throw most complex issues to us as they know we (only!) can solve it within expected timeframe & quality. We have worked for good number of great customers on their greatest problems.

mission & vision

Both are crystal clear to us (and our stake holders)

Our mission is "To reform every chunk of information to knowledge".

We envision "By 2020, we would have worked on atleast 1% of world's information".



Truly solve customers’ problems. You have to change hats and work many things at a time. Everyday everyone is trying to do better than yesterday. Everyone is doing their part to over achieve

We work at speed of internet. You have to do more than what is required to. This gives a sense of accomplishment.


We are humorously fun loving people. We look for smiling faces (always)

Weekly parties, Monthly programs. Annual company sponsored vacation (Panchmari in 2013).


We don't have anything (literally!) to hide. World is open, so as we are

However, we respect non-disclosures and confidential agreements.


We hire collectively exhaustive & mutually exclusive people. We hate differently similar workforce

Mantra for a successful team includes lots of different people, perspectives, backgrounds, approaches, and ideas.


Nothing can replace a good judgement

Policies, Practices, Procedures, Process, Protocols - Performers: Relax. Judgement is enough. Culprit Minds: Everything at place. Take best care.


We don't care much. Everyone needs to soil their hands

Of course we have designations and roles. However, titles look good for us on business cards. Rest is how much you justify the same.


We believe change brings excitement. Dynamism is key requirement here

We change seats (atleast) of employees every quarter beginning. Every day seems a new day - a new wow factor.



We care about you (& your family)

Flexible work hours, "Work from Anywhere" options, Personalized Care, Standing cubicle, Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits, Time Off Benefits.


We foster an apprenticeship culture where trainers are identified from the group of exceptionally high performers

We believe that our own people are best positioned to train the 'next generation' by bringing the lessons to life with some personal experience. We expect a lot from our trainers but they, in turn, have some of the most rewarding experiences.

Explore Yourself. Be Awesome.